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Multidimensional and multiscale analysis of knowledge production networks in wave energy

Atualizado: 8 de out. de 2020


The ortho of a new technology is a process that takes place within an existing socio-economic and technological context, while simultaneously contributing to its transformation. The research carried out on the emergence of new technologies is extensive, however, the territorial dynamics of this process is not yet sufficiently analyzed.

The work focuses on exploring the structure and dynamics of territorial knowledge communities that are dedicated to the development of a new technology, in order to understand how the behavior of these communities shapes the emergence process of this technology.

Empirical research focuses on wave energy, a technological field that experiences a prolonged emergency process and is far from being commercialized. All wave energy research, development and demonstration projects supported by the European Union (1992 to 2018) are explored, allowing an assessment of 25 years of technology evolution, including the initial stages.

The identification, in different periods of time, of knowledge communities, as well as their composition, structure and multidimensional proximity, including geography, are explored based on methodologies of analysis of social networks.

The results show a non-linear process of evolution, but also reveal an increasing complexity in the behavior of territorial communities constituted around the production of knowledge about wave energy.


Fontes, M., Sá-Marques, T., Santos, H., Ribeiro, D. Análise multidimensional e multiescalar das redes de produção de conhecimento sobre energia das ondas.

Abstract accepted to presentation at XVII COLÓQUIO IBÉRICO DE GEOGRAFIA – SALAMANCA – 4 a 6 DE JULHO DE 2022


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