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The territorial trajectory of innovation directed at wave energy

Atualizado: 8 de out. de 2020


Large cities are hubs of economic innovation production processes, especially when they imply great complexity that require the combination of a diverse range of specialties.

However, certain innovation processes also need factors related to natural characteristics, which are not always found in urban spaces. This is the case of the long process of innovation around the electrical harnessing of wave energy, whose phases of technological experimentation require certain specific natural characteristics. Hence a starting question: in these specific cases, does the innovation process tend to anchor itself in other territories, namely in medium-sized cities close to the natural conditions conducive to technological experimentation? Do they represent an opportunity to decentralize economic innovation processes?

From the exploration of the R & D + I projects on wave energy for the period between 1992 and 2019, the geographical trajectory of this process is shown, showing that the production of innovation, even in these cases, is very anchored in the large cities. However, the geographical distribution also shows that the effect of proximity to natural spaces conducive to technological experimentation is not entirely neutral.


Santos, H., Sá-Marques, T., Ribeiro, D. A trajetória territorial da inovação dirigida à energia das ondas.

Abstract accepted to be presented at 5ª CONFERÊNCIA P3DT | Políticas Públicas, Planeamento e Desenvolvimento Territorial – 12 a 14 de Março - Santo Tirso - cancelled


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