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Blue Economy is discussed in St Petersburg

The researcher of the Oceantrans project, Cristina Sousa, presented in the last week of October 2019 results of the research of her co-authorship: Creating a Blue Economy: Research and innovation partnerships to accelerate the development of ocean-related industries. The presentation was part of the International Scientific Conference on innovations in digital economy at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University - Peter the Great. The research mapped the projects with the participation of Portuguese institutions supported under the H2020 program whose theme was related to the Blue Economy. The guiding question of the research was the relationship between the themes supported by these projects and the guidelines of the national and European programs aimed at the Blue Economy. The other co-authors of the research are Margarida Fontes, co-principal investigator of the Oceantrans project and Oscarina Conceição. The results can be found in the outputs of the Oceantrans project.


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