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2nd OceanTrans Project Plenary Meeting

Atualizado: 12 de dez. de 2019

Last December 7th, the OceanTrans project held its second plenary meeting at ISCTE-IUL, in Lisbon, with the members from the three partner institutions: ISCTE-IUL/DINAMIA'CET; LNEG; and University of Porto/CEGOT. The agenda focused on the review of the first year of the project as well as the planning of future activities, including a discussion of the research strategies to be followed in order to fulfil the project goals. There was also time to discuss issues related to the dissemination of results.

The new research assistants had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the team and to present the activities they have been carrying out, as well as some early results. The project partners presented the work already done and discussed the new lines of activity they intend to develop. There was a consensus on the need to deepen the knowledge on the behavior of the actors involved in the development of new marine renewable energies.


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